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Vlašići is a small village on the eastern end of Pag Island, mentioned as early as the 11th century. The place was originally settled a couple of hundred meters away from the coast, thanks to tourism houses started to appear around Vlašići Bay, too, in the area known as Magazin. Our pages on Vlasici.com attempt to introduce the resort.

Just like in the case of a couple of other places on Pag Island (Povljana, Stara Novalja), holiday makers can enjoy sandy beach in Vlašići, too. Although the northern side of the beach is gravel, on the southern end gravel transforms into sand.

The largest accommodation provider in Vlašići is Zavičaj, a resort of Croatians in Hungary - they are an open service and offer rooms and board for just about anyone. Besides them guests can find accommodation in apartments and rooms at private houses.

There is a small grocery in the village and Dupin Restaurant and Pizzeria and Pansion Mile Žunić on the beach care about hungry and thirsty guests.

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View from Vlašići Beach
View from Vlašići Beach

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